Welcome to Polpure

At Polpure we believe in continuous research & development to deliver leading edge waste management solutions. As the thought leaders in the industry we specialise in sustainable waste management solutions for commercial, industrial and domestic waste. We provide integrated waste solutions which are safe, efficient, reliable & cost effective.

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Polpure will provide a wide range of waste management solutions for all industries:

Domestic Septic tanks, grease traps, polluted water, blocked drains, swimming pools and tanks.

Mining Underground sump management, exploration drill mud, sediment tanks, wash bays & sumps.

Agriculture Cleaning tanks, motor oil, contaminated fuel/oils and chemcials

Industrial Sumps and separators, wash bays, pits, fuel tanks, paints, solvent and ink, contaminated water/effluent and flooding.

Hospitality Grease traps, portable toilets, toilet blocks, green waste

Local Government Sewage treatment plant maintenance, sewer wells, bulk sewage, water treatment plants

Property Services Septic tanks, flooding