Polpure are the specialists when it comes to safely handing and transporting liquid waste. The services provided to the mining industry include:

  • Underground mining waste management
  • Quick removal of waste water
  • Bulk Sewage management
  • Sump maintenance: Drill, Wash bay, Mill floor
  • Liquid collection
  • Oil, Grease, Electrical line locating
  • Supply bulk water (including remove site)
  • High pressure cleaning, washing & degreasing


Polpure’s extensive experience and knowledge of underground operations will provide you with a quick, safe, efficient solution to any waste management problem.

Polpure designed the first underground vacuum tank for Cadia Valley Operations in Orange NSW. Using a heavy duty 6 wheel articulated dump truck, Polpure built a vacuum tank to met the operations requirement for working safely underground. Polpure provide fully trained operators to meet their 24/47 operation.

The high performance vacuum tanks can load 17,000 litres in under 3 minutes. Using our services to clean and maintain your sumps, mono tank and pump stations will extend the life of your flight tanks and mono pumps by minimising the mud and silt being transferred.

High road maintenance costs caused by spills or flooded sumps can be avoided by using Polpure to quickly remove waste water in an unforseen event.

Above ground operations- Smart, valuable waste management solutions

Our fleet of vacuum trucks are specifically designed to meet operational requirements in above ground mining. We provide a fast, safe, efficient service to solve any waste issue.

Here are some ways we can add value to waste management:

  • Drill sumps – cleaning & pumping out
  • Sediment tanks
  • Dam clean outs
  • Holding tanks
  • Oil Separators
  • Wash bay sumps
  • Thickener tanks
  • Mill floor sumps
  • Oil/grease/electrical line locating
  • Bulk sewage (toilets)
  • Pressure washing/leaning/degreasing/hot wash service
  • Used oil and liquid collection
  • Supply remote water to drill rigs