If you are looking for a smart way to manage your industrial waste, Polpure have the solutions. By working with you we can provide integrated waste solutions which are safe, efficient, reliable and cost effective.

We have extensive experience and skills to improve plant efficiencies by cleaning and maintaining sumps and separators, wash bays, pits, fuel tanks, paint booths, any solvents, inks etc. Waste is disposed of in accordance with all environmental and OH&S requirements.

Polpure provide a collection, recycling and disposal for a large range of waste streams. If you are looking for the smart way to manage your commercial waste, Polpure are able to provide you with the solutions.

Polpure are able to collect, treat and reuse used cooking oils, vegetable oils and fats from the hospitality industry.

We can provide specific cooking oil containers to collect the waste and our collection time’s are set by you to fit in with your business.

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Polpure provide a green waste collection service for commercial operations. If you are looking for a green waste removal and treatment solution, Polpure are able to cover your needs. Our green waste is recycled through our worm farm.